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Smart card ATR parsing

Enter an ATR (Answer To Reset) and I will parse it for you.


Parsing ATR:

3B 65 00 00 20 63 CB A6 A0
TS = 0x3BDirect Convention
T0 = 0x65Y(1): b0110, K: 5 (historical bytes)
TB(1) = 0x00VPP is not electrically connected
TC(1) = 0x00Extra guard time: 0
Historical bytes20 63 CB A6 A0
Category indicator byte: 0x20 (proprietary format) "c..."

Possibly identified card:

3B 65 00 00 20 63 CB A6 A0

Visa Premier Boursorama (French bank)


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The parsing code is part of pyscard and is available at

The list of known ATR is also available online at smartcard_list.txt.

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